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black white ikkat with off white hakoba with thin croche laceblack white ikkat with off white hakoba with thin croche lace 1

Black White Ikkat With Off White Hakoba With Thin Croche Lace

  • Ikkat material (Pure Cotton)
  • hakoba material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton lyling
  • Pure Cotton soft material
  • Very comfortable material
  • With Thin Croche Lacel (same as photo)
900 10% Off
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pink and black itkot with collar with latkan croptop(1)pink and black itkot with collar with latkan croptop

pink and black itkot with collar with latkan croptop

  • ikkat material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton lyling
  • Pure Cotton soft Ikkat material
  • Very comfortable material
9501,050 10% Off
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Orange Jamdani Body Glass Sleeves Blouse 1Orange Jamdani Body Glass Sleeves Blouse 1

Orange Jamdani Body Glass Sleeves Blouse

  • Jamdani material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton liling
  • Pure Cotton soft Jamdani material
  • Very comfortable material
  • With yellow frill (same as photo)
Green Yellow Ikkat With Black Jamdani Collar And Work BlouseGreen Yellow Ikkat With Black Jamdani Collar And Work Blouse 1

Green Yellow Ikkat With Black Jamdani Collar And Work Blouse

  • Ikkat and jamdani material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton lyling
  • Pure Cotton soft Ikkat material
  • Very comfortable material
  • With yellow frill (same as photo)

Collar Neck Blouse Designs

Are you bored of wearing the same traditional blouse?

If you are looking to wear red carpet stylish blouses then collar neck blouse designs are best.

Simple collar blouses are perfect for cotton sarees for daily wear. Moreover, you can also customize the blouses front and back design for silk or other sarees. These days even brides are experimenting with fancy high collar neck blouses for lehenga choli.

Collar blouse designs are among the latest fashion these days. The collar neck blouse highlights the shoulder and neck making you look more appealing. Women are going gaga over the several designer collar neck pattern.

Go Unique brings to you the hottest and trendy collar neck blouse design images to select the one that suits you the best.

Have a look at the latest collar neck blouse designs.


latest collar neck blouse designs

Collar neck blouses give a very decent yet beautiful look to your outfit. You can choose any collar neck design for both traditional and western looks.

It is one such blouse style that looks sophisticated, stylish and charming. Moreover, you can wear a collar neck blouse pattern at formal and office parties, social events, and festivals.

The Collar neck saree blouse pattern is versatile and is super comfortable to wear on special occasions.

Collar neck blouses to some seem very monotonous or outdated. However, it is just a misconception. Collar neck saree blouses are evergreen ethnic blouse design that never goes out of fashion. The best thing is that you have the liberty to design the back and sleeves of the blouse as you wish.

Before you plan your blouse design for your next occasion, have a look at the latest trendy gorgeous collar neck blouse designs.

Simple collar neck blouse designs

Among all saree blouse patterns, the most comfortable is the collar neck blouses. Simple collar neck blouses are best to wear with cotton sarees. These saree blouse styles go well in winters with cotton or checkered sarees.

In simple collar neck blouses, you can go for a high collar neck blouse with long sleeves for the winter season. When choosing the fabric, you can go for silk, velvet or cotton according to your saree.

If you don’t want to go too plain, then go for either print blouse or little lace work or embroidery on the neckline and sleeves. These are ideal for workwear.

Modern collar neck blouse back designs

You can flaunt your sexy back with a deep back, backless or cross back designs. These fancy back can be made using fabrics like raw cotton, silk, lace, sequins or net.

You can choose to have a deep U-shaped back with a latkan or Dori at the back. If you don’t like latkan or Dori then have tassels at the back. For the tassels, choose contrast colour or matching colour tassels.

Also, you can choose a complete net back blouse with embroidery. Nets are transparent fabric but does not openly expose your back. Moreover, you can also have a net at the back and lacework on the borders. It gives a very elegant and stylish look.

The most common back design with collar neck blouse is the hooked back. You can go for a big round hooked design or a small straight cut with a hook at the top. Both look good on collar neck saree blouse pattern.

Half collar neck blouse

Half collar neck blouses come with half collar with V-shaped, round, square or diamond neckline.

If you are not comfortable with high or full collar, you can always get a half collar neck saree blouse pattern. These are good to wear at the office and formal event. You can confidently go for contrast or printed blouse.

You can customize it to make it more stylish by using fabrics like raw silk, net or chiffon. Net back design or sleeves look pretty.

If you are planning to wear in summers, choose a sleeveless half collar neck saree blouse pattern. Sleeveless blouses make you appear slimmer. Moreover, the half collar neck blouse design will beautify your neck.

You can even add some embroidery on the collar to magnify its beauty. You must always ensure to select contrast colour blouse to match with your saree.

Stand collar blouse back neck designs

Stand collar neck blouse saree pattern is similar to half collar neck blouses. The only difference is that stand collars are made very stiff and adorned with stone work, maggam work, fine embroidery or teamed with brocades.

Stand collar, half collar and Chinese collar neck blouse designs are all similar with few differences in the style of the sleeves.

The stand collar neck blouse are great to go with simple chiffon or light georgette sarees. Heavy stand collar blouses on plain chiffon, pattu saree or crepe silk sarees look elegant and charming.

Collar neck blouse designs for cotton sarees

Sarees and blouses made of cotton material are highly rated and comfortable to wear in summers. If you are a working lady, cotton sarees are great for office meetings and official events.

However, sometimes the blouse isn’t as comfortable as the saree. Also in summers, you wouldn’t like to cover yourself in full sleeves or high neck.

However, you can still go for the half collar, stand or Chinese collar sleeveless blouses.

Round collar neck blouse designs

In a round collar neck blouse, the neckline is similar to skives or any turtle neck sweaters. These neck collar designs are good to wear in winter. Round neck blouses are also called as polo neck blouse in some parts of India.

Wearing skivvy looks kind of plain and simple. To add spice to your saree in winters get yourself round neck blouses.

You can go for embroidery, stone or maggam work in the blouses according to your saree.

Shirt collar neck blouse designs

This type of collar neck is similar to white or denim plain shirts we wear. The collar is the same as that of a shirt with button on the front.

It gives a very modern look to your outfit. The best part is if you want to go for an Indo-western look, shirt collar blouses are a perfect choice.

Collar neck blouse designs for silk sarees

Silk sarees demand finely embellished, brocade or heavily embroidered blouses. Maggam work on full or bell sleeves of collar neck blouses looks good on south Indian silk sarees. You can also have heavy embroidery on the sleeves of your silk blouses.

Collar neck blouse designs for lehenga choli

The Angrakha collar neck design or coat style blouse is a beautiful blend of elegance and grace. It’s perfect for brides for their reception party and other traditional events.

For wedding wear, you can go for heavy embroidery or maggam work on the blouse to match with your lehenga or saree on your special day.

A gold or silver collar on the blouse can be used as an accessory, and hefty neckpieces are not required.


How to style collar neck blouses?

Collar necks blouse have a reputation for being dowdy and out-of-style. When worn correctly, though, a top with a high neck may be surprisingly stylish.

The trick is to find the correct high-necked blouse and accessories to create a balanced, pleasing style.

It may take some effort to find the proper collar neck blouse. But once you do, you will realize why women love to wear high collared neck blouse.

Collar neck blouse

Choose a blouse with a high neck and beautiful accents. Because a high neckline might have a harsh appearance, it’s advisable to choose a blouse with softening features. A blouse with a high neckline and lace or crochet trimming can be quite flattering.

Embroidered accents can also help to balance out a high neckline’s more rigid effect.


Choose a delicate fabric for your blouse. Delicate fabric blouses made by mixing multiple fabrics, provide a gentler look that balances out the higher neckline. High-neck blouses and dresses made of silk, chiffon, rayon, or cotton voile are ideal.

Another delicate alternative is a sheer dress or blouse with a high neckline, which can reduce the harsh look of the high neckline.

Collar neck blouse designs with cutouts

Consider a high neckline blouse with cutouts or keyhole. Choose a style with cutouts if you’re worried about a top or dress with a high neckline looking unattractive or old-fashioned. Look for a blouse with cutouts at the neck to balance out the more pronounced neckline.

In the summer, a high neck blouse with cutouts is an excellent choice if you want to keep cool.

Choose a high-neck blouse with cutouts at the decolletage for a hotter look. The sliver of skin on the neckline will help to balance out the higher neckline.

Sleeve length

Take into account the sleeve length. If you’re worried that your high-neck blouse may look too dowdy, play around with the sleeve length.

Long sleeves and a high neckline might be difficult to pull off, but a sleeveless version can help to balance off the higher neckline for a more modern look. A blouse with short sleeves might also be flattering.

Choose a high collar neck blouse with sleeves that hit at the elbow rather than the wrist if you like long sleeves.

Choose a long-sleeved, high neckline piece with cutouts for a fashionable look. Cutouts on the sleeve can also be found in some versions to help balance the neckline.

Hair style

Put your hair up in a bun. If you’re wearing a blouse with a high neckline, make sure your hair is styled in a way that draws attention to your neck.

For a more dramatic effect, pull your hair up into a ponytail or a topknot. Wear your hair in a bun at the nape of your neck for a gentler look.

Choose a half-up, half-down style if you don’t want to wear your hair up. This will keep your hair out of your face and highlight your neckline.


Make a statement with a lengthy necklace. Choose a long necklace that falls between the chest and the waist if you wish to wear a necklace with a high neckline blouse. To balance the higher neck, this will bring attention below.

With a high neckline, you might want to avoid wearing a necklace altogether. A necklace may not be essential because the neckline accent adds enough visual attention to your vibrant outfit.


Wear it with a pair of dangling earrings. A high neckline attracts attention to your face, so pair it with dangling earrings to keep the focus on your face. An extremely attractive style terminates right at the top of the neckline.

Avoid wearing straight hanging earrings if you have a long face. Choose a set of hoops or dangling earrings with spherical pendants instead.


Collar neck blouses come with several front and back designs. You can choose the collar design and sleeves patterns according to your saree or lehenga. These modern blouse designs are a must addition to your wardrobe.

Some styles like shirt collar neck, high collar neck and Chinese collar neck are good for cotton sarees. On the other hand, embroidery collar blouses with full sleeves are best for silk sarees. Brides looking for designer blouses can choose from fancy collar neck blouses with the latest patterns for lehenga choli.

Go unique is your one-stop online destination for all kinds of hot and trendy collar neck patterns. Have a look at the latest collar neck saree blouses images and order your favorites today.

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