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RED KHADI WITH MULTI EMBROIDERY BLOUSEmagenta khadi deep ' v ' neck blouse with frills blouse design (copy) (copy)


  • KHADI material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton lyling
  • Pure Cotton soft Ikkat material
  • Very comfortable material
2,049 52% Off
black cotton silk backless blouse with latkanblack cotton silk backless blouse with latkan

Black Cotton Silk Backless Blouse With Latkan

  • KHADI material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton lyling
  • Pure Cotton soft Ikkat material
  • Very comfortable material
2,065 49% Off
red black ikkat backless blousered black ikkat backless blouse2

Red Black Ikkat Backless Blouse

  • Ikkat material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton lyling
  • Pure Cotton soft Ikkat material
  • Very comfortable material
  • With yellow frill (same as photo)
multi colour ikkat ajrak mix crop top1multi colour ikkat ajrak mix crop top1

Multi Colour Ikkat Ajrak Mix Crop Top

  • Ajrak material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton lyling
  • Pure Cotton soft Ikkat material
  • Very comfortable material
1,998 53% Off
purpel ajrak backless blousepurpel ajrak backless blouse

Purpel Ajrak Backless Blouse

  • Ajrak material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton lyling
  • Pure Cotton soft Ikkat material
  • Very comfortable material
2,059 48% Off
blue red ajrak backless blouseblue red ajrak backless blouse1

Blue Red Ajrak Backless Blouse

  • Ajrak material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton lyling
  • Pure Cotton soft Ikkat material
  • Very comfortable material
1,899 54% Off
red blue ajrak backless blousered blue ajrak backless blouse1

Red Blue Ajrak Backless Blouse

  • Ajrak material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton lyling
  • Pure Cotton soft Ikkat material
  • Very comfortable material
1,884 54% Off
flowral pich hakoba blouse(1)flowral pich hakoba blouse

flowral pich hakoba full sleeves blouse

  • Hakoba fabric material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton lyling
  • Pure Cotton soft Hakoba fabric material
  • Very comfortable material
2,448 55% Off
sleeveless hakoba back open blouse with latkan 2sleeveless hakoba back open blouse with latkan 3

Off white sleeveless hakoba material blouse with latkan

  • Hakoba fabric material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton liling
  • Pure Cotton soft Hakoba fabric material
  • Very comfortable material
  • With yellow frill (same as photo)
2,538 47% Off
white floral hakoba with halter nackwhite floral hakoba with halter nack1(1)

white floral hakoba with halter neck

  • white floral hakoba material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton lyling
  • Pure Cotton soft Ikkat material
  • Very comfortable material
2,538 47% Off
White Jamdani Body With Red Jamdani Sleeves Blouse 2chest measurement

White Jamdani Body With Red Jamdani Sleeves Blouse

  • Jamdani material (Pure Cotton)
  • With Cotton liling
  • Pure Cotton soft Jamdani material
  • Very comfortable material
  • With yellow frill (same as photo)
2,151 39% Off
white khadi body with red chikon hata padded blousewhite khadi with red hakoba puff sleeves backless blouse1

White Khadi body with Red Chikon Sleeves Padded blouse

  • Khadi and Chikon Material
  • Pure Cotton soft Cotton Silk material
  • Very comfortable material
  • With yellow frill (same as photo)
1,887 64% Off

Latest Backless Blouse Designs

Looking for hot backless blouse designs for saree online?

Stop looking at the images, as we are here to help you with your backless saree blouse online shopping. Choose from our wide range of pretty backless blouse designs and restyle your saree.

A beautiful saree needs a charming blouse to enhance its look. You cannot imagine your saree to look glamorous without an outstanding designer blouse.

There are several blouse designs and patterns available online. However, it is the backless blouses that give you the desired hot look you wish for.

In this wedding season get sensational photos wearing a backless blouse with your favourite saree.



Saree beats all the western dresses. In the wedding season, the saree remains the favourite attire of women. The only concern is how to make your saree look hot and pretty.

One of the ways to do it is to go for a backless blouse. You have plenty of patterns to choose from when it comes to backless blouse designs. Patterns like ruffles, tassels, embroidered, full sleeves, cape sleeves and many others are available to consider.

Before looking forward to the backless blouse designs, let us first know how backless blouses will enhance your look.

  • Backless blouses make you look hot and beautiful at the same time.
  • You can match any designer backless blouse with a simple saree for a sophisticated look.
  • Backless blouses are not vulgar or show too much of your skin. You can choose your neck, front and sleeves design to customize it according to your style.
  • It gives you the best opportunity to flaunt your sexy back.
  • Wearing backless blouses with a bra inside can be troublesome. However, if you choose the right bra you can afford to enjoy a sizzling look.

How to drape your saree with a backless blouse?

Gone are those days when women used to drape and style saree only in one way. It is the time to go for some innovation and creativity. Match the colours of your saree and get the perfect backless blouse at Go Unique.

Here are some of the ways you can slay wearing a saree with a simple yet elegant backless blouse.

Pleated Pallu

Pleated pallu is the trend nowadays. When you pleat your pallu make sure you make thin pleats. Thin pleats will make your blouse visible.

Make clean thin pleats and pin them up on the shoulder of the blouse. Thin pleats also make you look thinner and slim.

Belt Style

Ditch the traditional Kamardhani and go for some sassy belts. To wear belt style saree, just drape your saree in the usual thin pleats pallu style. Then tie an embroidery or modern style belt of your choice across your waist or stomach.

Dhoti Style Saree

Why do men have all the fun?

Even women can enjoy the traditional dhoti look with a saree. Dhoti style saree is the latest sensation these days.

All you need to do is to replace the petticoat with matching leggings. Then drape saree like a dhoti. This will give your look a traditional yet hot touch.

Lehenga Style Saree

Why buy a lehenga when you can drape your lovely saree into a lehenga?

A backless blouse with lehenga style saree is the best attire you can go for this wedding season. All you need to do is to keep pleating the 6 yards saree and fixing it to your petticoat. Do not forget to leave a few meters for pallu.

Front Pallu Saree

The Gujarati style front pallu saree pattern never goes old. Instead of taking pallu from the front to the back through the left side, take your pallu from the back to the front.

In this style, the embroidery and designs on pallu are beautifully visible on the front. This makes you look more beautiful and pretty.


Charming Saree Backless Blouse Designs

Backless blouses can never go wrong. However, you will have to choose the best pattern from a range of blouses.

Here are some of the best backless blouse designs for you.

Backless Blouse with Ruffled Sleeves

Want to give your blouse a modern look?

Go for ruffled sleeves. Backless blouses with ruffled sleeves are trendy these days. The ruffles on the sleeves give a very modern yet princess-like look.

You would have seen ruffles only in princess gowns or dresses. But ruffles on blouses look as beautiful as in gowns. It makes your saree look more modern and stylish.

Sweetheart Neck Blouse Design

Though you can choose from a variety of neck designs, the sweetheart neck is the one that goes best with backless blouses.

The perfect sweetheart shaped neckline makes your neck visible and looks stunning. This design flaunts your sexy collarbones. You can go for a sleeveless or quarter sleeves design with a sweetheart neckline.

Sleeveless sweetheart neck backless blouses are most comfortable for the summer seasons. Sweetheart neck blouses look beautiful on women who have a long and slim necks.

Embroidered Blouse Designs

Embroidery on the blouse gives it a more royal and refined look. Embroidery on the sleeves or the front makes your blouse dazzle.

You can go for flower embroidery or fine royal embroidery with beads and golden threads. A latkan on the embroidery blouse gives it the perfect finishing touch.

It is best to choose a simple plain saree to wear with a backless embroidery blouse. For the neckline, you can select a round, square or sweetheart neckline.

Backless Blouse with Bow

A sash of ribbons beautifully tied together to form a perfect bow at the back looks mesmerizing. Blouses with a ribbon bow at the back make your saree look gorgeous.

Back bow blouses are the most popular choice among women these days.

Backless Pearl Blouses

Have you ever considered wearing shining pearl blouses?

You can match any plain saree with broad borders to go with your pearl blouse. Blouses with pearls stitched on them look pretty and lovely.

Mostly satin or velvet sarees go perfectly with pearl blouses. Velvet sarees are best to wear in winters as they are thick fabric and warm.

Boat Neck Backless Blouse

Boat neck blouses magnify the beauty of your collarbone and neck. Mostly boat neck blouses look good with full sleeves. So you can go for full sleeves, boat neck blouse with sexy deep backless blouse.

Boat neck backless blouses suits women who have slim shoulders. These blouses make your shoulders look broad. That is why women with heavy busts and broad shoulders should avoid this design.

Off-Shoulder Backless Blouse

If you are looking for a modern stylish blouse design then go for an off-shoulder backless blouse.

Nothing can beat the mesmerizing look of an off-shoulder blouse with beautiful chiffon or oregano sarees. You can go for an off-shoulder blouse with both short and long sleeves.

However, if you have a heavy chest and broad shoulders avoid going for off-shoulder blouses. Off-shoulder blouses look good on women with slim body types.

Bridal Blouse Design

This wedding season we recommend brides go for a stunning backless blouse.

Heavy embroidery backless blouses made especially for bridal lehenga style looks flattering. Customize your bridal blouse that matches the colour of your lehenga and steal the show on your big day.

Golden Saree Blouse

Golden blouses are multipurpose blouses that go best with all sarees. To add a star to the evergreen golden blouse, go for a deep backless design.

You can customize your golden deep backless blouse and go for stunning neck and sleeves designs.

Backless Blouse Design for Silk Saree

Backless blouses with full sleeves and heavy borders are a great combination for banarasi, kanjivaram and other silk sarees.

These blouses look good on all body types. Full sleeves heavy border blouses are best for winters.

Backless Blouse Design with Dori or Knot

Sarees with dori back blouse looks stunning on all women. Women are preferring a knot or bow knot at the back of the backless blouse.

You can go for backless blouse with heavy latkans or a simple knot. These blouses look incredible with full sleeves as well as short or half sleeves.

Deep Backless Blouse Designs

Backless blouses come in several patterns like deep backless blouses, cross patterns, halter neck, round back design etc.

You can go for any depending on your styles sense. However, if you are comfortable wearing backless dresses then you can go for deep backless blouse designs. Nothing can beat the sexy look it gives to your outfit flaunting your hot back.

Sleeveless Backless Blouse

If you are planning to wear a saree in the summers then there can be nothing better than a sleeveless backless blouse.

You can choose round, sweetheart or v shape neck designs and according to go for latkan, dori or bow pattern for the back.

Backless Blouse with Full Sleeves

Going to a wedding in the winter?

Don't worry! You can still enjoy wearing your favourite saree. In winters backless blouses with full sleeves do justice to your pretty saree.

It keeps you warm as well as enhance the look of your outfit.

Halter Neck Backless Blouse

If you have a heavy chest and can't afford to wear a high neck or collar blouse, don't get sad. You can still wear a halter neck backless blouse. The best thing is that the halter neck looks amazing on both the saree and lehenga.

It gives a very modern yet sophisticated look. Halter neck blouses are a great way to show off your collarbones. Moreover, it makes your neck looks slimmer and taller.

Undoubtedly halter neck blouses are an excellent choice to look hot in a simple yet elegant way.

Low Cut Backless Blouse

Low cut backless blouse with only dori or narrow fabric at the back is the hottest pattern among all.

If you are a woman with a slim body type, it's your best chance to slay everyone with your charming looks. These low cut backless blouses make any women look hotter than ever.

Sequin Backless Blouse

You must have worn or seen sequin fabric in western dresses, tops and gowns only. However, to your surprise sequin blouses looks as gorgeous as western dresses.

If you are someone who doesn’t prefer old traditional pattern blouses then go for this one. V neckline sleeves backless sequin blouses look just like any other western crop top.

It gives you a very modern 21st-century look. You can wear it with organza, handloom, satin or chiffon sarees.


Backless Blouse Online Shopping in India

Go unique presents you the most stunning backless blouse designs starting from plain backless blouse to sheer back, cape sleeves, embellished, cross pattern and many more to explore. We are a one-stop destination for backless blouse online shopping in India.


How to Choose The Best Fabric for Your Backless Blouse?

Not only the design but the fabric also plays an important part in deciding the overall look of your blouse. You can choose transparent net fabric, silk, crepe, georgette or chiffon.

Your body type plays a big role in the fabric you choose for your blouse. Because each fabric has its own properties that are reflected in the person wearing it, not all body forms are appropriate for all fabrics. As a result, the blouse's fabric should be picked with great care.


Pearl-Shaped Body

The physical form of the majority of Indian women is pear-shaped. This indicates that the lower bodies of most women are heavier than the upper parts. This signifies that the physical fault is located at the bottom of the body, and you should concentrate on the top.

Wear a backless blouse made of a heavy material like brocade to achieve this look. This will not only help to balance your body's appearance, but it will also make your upper body more attractive. The blouse can be embellished with embroidery, tassels, mirror work, and other decorative elements.


Heavy Chest Body

There are a lot of persons with this body type in North India. If you have a large upper body, you should choose a shirt made of lightweight materials that fall well, such as crepe, georgette, or silk. They'll help your chest look lighter and your back feels more relaxed.


Long Neck Body

If you have a long neck, you have the advantage of being able to wear practically any backless blouse design, and almost any backless style will look beautiful on you. Most women are unable to wear these stunning high-neck blouses, but because of your long neck, this style is perfect for you.

Wear a high neck backless blouse with cut sleeves, or a short sleeve or full sleeve backless blouse, if your hands are toned.


Short Neck Body

You should avoid wearing any form of neck top or a shirt with adornment on the neck region if you have a short neck since it will make you look to have a shorter neck. Lightweight fabrics should be used for your blouses.


Slim BodyType

You are a designer's dream girl if you are a slender woman with a perfect athletic physique, lovely contours and curves. Designers design their outfits with slim women in mind.

A backless blouse is great for you because you have the body structure to pull it off with style. To show off your lovely body, wear a backless blouse with no sleeves or cut sleeves.


Blouses are an important part of any Indian woman's outfit when she wears a sari to a party, whether it's casual or formal. Backless blouse designs for saree are in current fashion.

Every woman, regardless of her social status, caste, creed, or colour, wants to wear one. The backless blouse pattern is so popular that a woman who wears one is thought to be up on current trends and fashion.

Look hot and sizzling in Go Unique’s collection of amazing backless blouses. Have a look at the modern Backless blouse images at Go Unique and get the best one that suits you.



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