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100+ Trendy Simple Blouse Designs Photos (Best Of 2022)

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Looking for simple blouse designs for your casual wear wardrobe?

There are a lot of women in India who look for a simple blouses as an easy fix for their casual wardrobe and since our culture is rich in blouses, there are many varieties and patterns to look out for most of you.

Here in this article, all of the images are dedicated to one catalogue of simple blouse designs which are sure to satisfy your casual wear and add up to your simplicity.


100+ Trendy Simple Blouse Designs Photos

The Indian market is ever-blooming with simple blouse designs and most of them are simple blouse designs which you can use to not just simplify your fashion sense, but also slay your casual ethnic wear.

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a cotton saree, pattu saree, a silk saree or even a lehenga. This catalogue here is going to help you decide the best simple blouse sleeve design to match it perfectly.

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Simple Aari Work Blouse Designs

Aari work is something which is kind of unique to blouse designs which are meant for daily wear. When you wear this with the handwork designer saree, you are not going to be low on confidence which makes you get along more with the trend.

Here are some of the best blouse designs which you can try with your saree and lehenga so that when you pair it up with them, you look your best in every occasion.

Simple Boat Neck Blouse With Embroidery Work

simple boat neck blouse with embroidery work
Source – Pinterest

This simple boat neck blouse design with embroidery work works really well with your overall casual aesthetic and makes you catch more attention throughout the time it is on you.

Purple Mirror Work Full Sleeves Blouse Design

purple mirror work full sleeves blouse design
Source- Pinterest

This simple yet stylish design with purple color can always make you cast a spell of ethnic fashion on the people in the room especially when you pair this up with a contrasting saree or lehenga to grab more eyeballs.

Green Blouse Design With Pearl Work

green blouse design with pearl work
Source – Pinterest

Fan of pearl work on your blouse?

This bright green blouse is going to be perfect for you especially with its aari work and ideal when you want your outfit customized for an occasion where you have to look at your best without giving up your simplicity.

Full Neck Aari Work Simple Blouse Design

full neck aari work simple blouse design
Source – Pinterest

Elegance is no doubt one of the best things on women and this high neck blouse with its deep color and floral aari work on sleeves is definitely going to steal the show every time you match it with your saree.

Flower Motive Triangle Back Blouse Design

flower motive triangle back blouse design
Source – Pinterest

Who isn’t a fan of flowers and a unique back design?

This pink blouse with simple aari work and attractive triangle back design will surely admire your features and highlight your personality well when you wear this for casual occasions with your cotton saree or lehenga.

Casual Blouse Design with Pearls and Embroidery

casual blouse design with pearls and embroidery
Source – Pinterest

This casual green blouse design which compliments the neck and with a silk saree with fancy border can give you an aesthetic look with saree designs with net material too.

Black Blouse Design With Aari Work for Daily Use

black blouse design with aari work for daily use

This black blouse design works very well with the body and perfect to pair up your partywear sarees with which gives you a very elegant ethnic look for the attention during every occasion.

Magenta Embroidered Blouse with Green Banarashi Saree

magenta embroidered blouse with green banarashi saree

This stylish back blouse design with full sleeves and magenta embroidery makes it trendy with buttons in the right places to sit on the back of your body. Certainly one of the stunning blouse designs when you opt for weddings.

Simple Blouse Designs For Cotton Sarees

Every woman in India has a cotton saree in her wardrobe and wants to get her outfit customized by pairing it up with the best blouse designs that matches the personality and also the occasion.

Here, we take a look at the blouses for regular use with cotton sarees which will admire your fashion sense and helps you to wear your best blouse design with cotton sarees.

Black Blouse Design With Embroidery

black blouse design with embroidery

This simple black blouse design with embroidery should be your choice when you opt for any social events to be the highlight amongst the crowd with fancy jewelry to make this blouse more suitable to make your appearance breathtaking.

Full Sleeve Dark Blue Blouse Design

full sleeve dark blue blouse design

Just look at this dark blue blouse design which can give you the ethnic look to make it unique when you pair it with a matching cotton saree. This gives you that stylish chic look to add in your collection of outfits.

Puff Sleeve Blouse Design for Simple Sarees

puff sleeve blouse design for simple sarees

This dark green puff sleeves are one of the best when you want your blouse to match with saree with handwork. This blouse design is simple and stylish among the range of blouse designs from India for daily wear.

Simple Blue Bell Sleeves Blouse Design

simple blue bell sleeves blouse design

When you have a thing for handloom cotton sarees with borders, then this simple blue bell sleeves blouse is designed with your mindset with a deep neck cut out and the blouse gives you a lot of confidence whenever you wear it.

Simple Half Sleeve Design with Pearl Work

simple half sleeve design with pearl work

Interested in simple south Indian blouse designs?

Then this eye catching green readymade blouse with a hint of glamour can be one of your perfect choices with simplicity in mind of the designer. The pearl work functions really well to elevate your style to pair with saree of your choice.

Simple Ruffle Sleeve Black Blouse Sleeves

simple ruffle sleeve black blouse sleeves

This simple blouse design with ruffles at sides is one of the best for the younger women and pairing it up with a saree with patch work to give it a more modern ethnic vibe.

Sleeveless Blouse Design with High Neck

sleeveless blouse design with high neck

This is the fashion for women who love simplicity and with the intricate work on the designer blouse, the overall appearance gets elevated and highlights your arms with the sleeveless design.

Stylish Back Neck Purple Blouse Design

stylish back neck purple blouse design

Purple is a color of charm and this catchy works really well with a cotton saree with embroidery work. You can also wear it with silk saree and still look as stunning for daily use,

Stylish Puff Blouse Design with Embroidery

stylish puff blouse design with embroidery

Elegance and cuteness are the main highlights of this puff blouse design. This pattern blouse looks like it is from a designer’s closet especially when paired with a color blocked saree to wear it regularly and look elegant.

Yellow Collar Neck Blouse Sleeve Design

yellow collar neck blouse sleeve design

This blouse design is tailor made for the bold women who aren’t afraid to try new styles. The ones who intend to try all the trendy fashion with this contrast yellow collar blouse design should match it with the right saree.

Simple Blouse Designs for Daily Use

Daily wear is a necessity and requires a comfortable simple blouse design for most women. Having a blouse which can work with your saree and lehenga can be an ideal investment.

These blouse designs which we have included here can be your best choices to decide which one suits your personality and make a fashion statement. Pair these with sarees and there is no doubt that it will elevate your casual wear.

Casual Black Sleeveless Design

casual black sleeveless design

There are many casual blouse options but this sleeveless black blouse design is not only eye catchy but it doesn’t matter whether you wear this in your home or at work, this is sure to grab the attention which you need.

Checkered Red Color Blouse Sleeve Design

checkered red color blouse sleeve design

Want a professional vibe to your casual fashion?

This checkered blouse will give you just that matching your personality and your work ethic all by giving you a fashion chic sense of style. Just pair it with a matching saree or a floral design saree to make it stunning.

Double Colored Checkered Blouse Sleeve Design

double colored checkered blouse sleeve design

This square neck design with checkered design is one of the best chic blouses to get in the current trend. Just match it with a saree with a pencil border and you are sure to nail the stunning blouse design fashion.

Sleeveless High Neck Blouse Sleeve Design

sleeveless high neck blouse sleeve design

This high neck blouse is designed for the women who always want to slay the fashion in every occasion and catch a lot of eyes with the sleeveless design and works perfectly with a color blocked saree which is dark in color.

White Stylish Sleeveless Blouse Design

white stylish sleeveless blouse design

This white stylish blouse design works perfectly for casual wear and daily use especially when matched with a blue saree with border design and the sleeveless blouse adds to the charm of the outfit.

Simple Green Blouse Sleeve Design with Embroidery

simple green blouse sleeve design with embroidery

Peacock green is one of the most attractive colors for women and this blouse design with beautiful contrast saree is going to steal many eyes and makes you look elegant and confident every day you choose to wear this.

Simple Red Blouse Sleeve Design with Square Neck

simple red blouse sleeve design with square neck

Square neck seem to be in trend now and this looks like the blouse designed to make it even better with patterns and the contrasting red is just breathtaking and gives your collection the true casual fashion sense.

Simple Blouse Designs for Pattu Sarees

Probably known for their extreme versatility, pattu sarees have been in the hearts of many south Indian women and it continues to grow in popularity. There are many blouses that match this traditional saree.

Some of them are included in this article and since pattu sarees have the ability to look royal, the neck blouses and designs with other works can also make a bold statement to look hassle-free with your style.

Full Puff Sleeves Design with Collar

full puff sleeves design with collar

When you opt for a traditional attire for a festive or going to the temple, this puff design blouse is perfect to look sharp and elegant. A featured silk saree just goes well for the millenial that matches the blouse.

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Full Sleeve Blue Glass Blouse Design

full sleeve blue glass blouse design

Glass designs are quite appealing for most women and they do not require featured designs with the sarees. This glass neck when paired with a pattu saree is very stunniing to wear to catch all the eyes you want.

Red Round Neck Blouse Design

red round neck blouse design

We find many round neck designs online but this red blouse is just bright and elegant which you can wear to compliment the beautiful suf embroidery with your pattu sarees. Just make them simple and you will look ravishing.

Simple Blouse Designs for Plain Sarees

It doesn’t matter how much you love plain sarees, but if you do not have a simple blouse design with small style add-ons and a lot of detail, you are missing out on some serious fashion ethics to feel more confident on regular times.

Plain sarees are arguably one of the best ways of highlighting your casual wear and feel of fabric with the design is more comfortable. Your choice of blouse matters and here are some of those to help you out.

Black Blouse Design with Beautiful Maggam Work

black blouse design with beautiful maggam work

Maggam work blouse designs like this goes really well with plain sarees. The wonderful aesthetic of this combination is suitable for various occasions and the comfort is quite good too.

Blue Blouse Design with Flower Embroidery

blue blouse design with flower embroidery

When you opt for a white plain saree, you should definitely try a dark designer blouse like this blue one which is not only stylish with a flower design, but also elegant and the fabric really brings you relieving comfort.

High Neck Blouse Design with Aari Work

high neck blouse design with aari work

Plain sarees have the versatility to go with various kinds of blouses and this high neck aari work blouse design is fitted really well with the simple attire of the style and gives the vibe of the fashion models.

Long Sleeve Deep Neck Simple Blouse Design

long sleeve deep neck simple blouse design

For the love of sleeves, this black long sleeves blouse design is easy to to mind and suitable to the women who want to look classy and this blouse makes that happen when you wear it with plain black saree.

Modern Sleeveless Blouse Design with Embroidery

modern sleeveless blouse design with embroidery

The embroidery and plain saree is a match of ages and this modern full neck blouse can justify that with elegance and comfort. Neutral colors are always a nice choice to match semi color sarees.

Multicolor Blouse Design with Heavy Mirror Work

multicolor blouse design with heavy mirror work

Plain sarees are highlighted the most when paired with many colors and this multi colored designer blouse with a red saree with gold border just makes you look stunning in every sense of fashion you can think of.

Red Collar Full Sleeve Design with Embroidery

red collar full sleeve design with embroidery

Plain silk sarees are not only traditional, but a nice option to match semi color blouse in red with a collar and just elevates the individual’s personality and confidence to new levels.

Simple Black Sleeveless Blouse Design

simple black sleeveless blouse design

Blacks are always classy and this sleeveless design is also featured on some trending models and gives you a chic vibe with simplicity. Just pair it up with a plain red saree and you are going to look fabulous.

Simple Silky Red Blouse Design for Plain Sarees

simple silky red blouse design for plain sarees

There is a lot of choosing for blouse sleeve designs when it comes to plain sarees and this pipework design works well with almost every saree to help you reflect your personality with fashion.

Sleeveless Black Deep Neck Blouse Sleeve Design

sleeveless black deep neck blouse sleeve design

Deep necks are not only attractive, but are also look very modern and sophisticated when paired with plain sarees and look really well when they are worn as casual wear.

Sleeveless Purple High Neck Blouse Design

sleeveless purple high neck blouse design

This sleeveless high neck purple blouse design is so pleasant that you would choose to wear this everyday. Green being the ideal match, there is no doubt that you are going to look absolutely stunning.

Stylish Sleeveless Blouse Design for Plain Sarees

stylish sleeveless blouse design for plain sarees

Colored plain sarees bring out your personality out to the world and this high neck simple blouse design compliments the same with its elegant neck design and neutral vibes.

White Long Sleeve Blouse with Neck Design

white long sleeve blouse with neck design

This blouse design works very well with the plain sarees with its beautiful pattern and the cut designs which is fancy enough to grab the attention of the people around you when you wear it casually.

Simple Maggam Work Blouse Design

Maggam work is originally from South India but it has its popularity with other parts of India too especially with simple blouse designs. You can always pair this design with any kind of saree to look ravishing.

The designer blouse patterns are many and this adds up to the versatility of this maggam design to pair it with either saree or lehenga and wear it at any weddings or choose to wear it at a casual occasion. Let us look at some of these.

Deep Red Flower Millet Maggam work Blouse Design

deep red flower millet maggam work blouse design

This red round back design brings out the richness of the color red to match your personality and confidence. The flower millet maggam works adds up to the charm of this blouse and looks stunning.

Full Sleeve Purple Maggam work Blouse Sleeve Design

full sleeve purple maggam work blouse sleeve design

This maggam work blouse sleeve design has the ability to grab attention even with the casual wear with its boat neck and simple work which works best with the matching saree and little jewelry.

Green Blouse Design with Maggam Work and Embroidery

green blouse design with maggam work and embroidery

Green works as a charm with maggam work and this work on the sleeves and the unique back design makes it stand out from the rest with it being stunning and bold to anyone who wears it.

Heavy Maggam Work with Embroidery Blouse Design

heavy maggam work with embroidery blouse design

Heavy work designs are always a trend for weddings and special occasions, but some prefer it to be their casual option and this simple maggam design blouse with heavy work is the perfect example for that.

High Neck Blue Maggam Work Simple Blouse Design

high neck blue maggam work simple blouse design

This high beck blue blouse with maggam work is no doubt your best option with simplicity and can be an option of blouse for regular use and as well as attending some functions.

Simple Blouse Design with Pearl and Maggam Work

simple blouse design with pearl and maggam work

You can have the best simple blouse designs but the pearl work is always going to stay in trend which you can wear anytime of you want with saree or lehenga of your choice.

Simple Blue Blouse Design with Maggam Work

simple blue blouse design with maggam work

This blouse design is perfect for the women looking for simple design which they can also wear on special occasions. The color of this being the highlight and is well designed for almost everyone who chooses this blouse.

Simple Maggam Work Green Blouse Design

simple maggam work green blouse design

This simple green blouse works like a charm with your lifestyle especially when you wear it as your daily outfit. The design aesthetic is not flashy and works well with neutral plain sarees.

Stylish Back Maggam Work Blouse Design

stylish back maggam work blouse design

Maggam work is also best for those looking for style in their casual wear and this pink maggam work blouse design does not disappoint any woman with its border design when paired up with a matching saree.

Simple Saree Blouse Designs

Indian culture is rich in sarees and they are often seen around very easily with many women opting for it as a regular wear. What makes it look classy is the blouse design which goes with it adding to its style.

These days you can find some of the best options to choose from among the designer blouse designs and it is worthwhile to note down the designs which we have included below. So let us take a look at some of them.

Black Blouse Design with V-Neck Design

black blouse design with v neck design

It doesn’t matter what occasion you attend, black color is always going to elevate your status and presence in the room by giving an ethnic and modern look to anyone who opts for it especially with its V-neck design.

Blouse Design with Bell Sleeves

blouse design with bell sleeves

Bells sleeves are in trend and they really go along with simplicity well. The pattern and embroidery design is the main highlight and can be very good option to choose from for a minimalist approach.

Brick Red Blouse Design with Embroidery

brick red blouse design with embroidery

Dark colors and simple blouse designs look really amazing when paired with a light colored saree or a light banarasi saree. Just pair it up with a little jewelry and you are sure to look on point.

Heavy Work Blouse Design with High Neck

heavy work blouse design with high neck

Simple blouse can be a bit creative too with a bit of design pattern, This high neck blouse design is a versatile option with a dark saree to look elegant and sharp with embroidery on the border.

Latest Puff Sleeve Green Blouse Design

latest puff sleeve green blouse design

This puff sleeve blouse design with pearl design at border is very cool option for young women especially this green color which goes on really well with rich colored sarees for casual wear.

Light Blue Puff Sleeve Blouse Design

light blue puff sleeve blouse design

Light blue is one of the best modern colors out there and this glass sleeve puff design stands out among all the girls in a room to make your fashion sense on point on any given day.

Long Sleeve Stylish Blouse Design

long sleeve stylish blouse design

This blouse sleeve simple design is a very sophisticated option for the ones looking for a designer blouse with some detailing and square design on the neck. This can be designed with a fair amount of jewelry too.

Modern Full Collar Red Simple Blouse Design

modern full collar red simple blouse design

This full collar simple blouse design is perfect for daily wear with silk sarees and there is a wide range of options in sarees to choose from. This kind of blouse is very sophisticated and the color of it being top-notch.

Simple Aari Work Blouse Design with High Neck

simple aari work blouse design with high neck

We just can’t talking about aari work and this full sleeve blouse design is a proof of its elegance and the beauty of it when it is paired with a dark colored saree which gives it a trendy look.

Simple Dark Green Blouse Design

simple dark green blouse design

If you have a lot of weddings to attend on a regular basis and want a minimal approach, this dark green blouse design is the way to go with contrast and works well for the millenial bride.

Simple Violet Blouse Design with Round Neck

simple violet blouse design with round neck

This blouse is just so comfortable with its fabric that you wouldn’t want to give this up for any occasion. A wise choice for casual wear and unique for itself. Plus, it does not require a lot of jewelry to look elegant.

Stylish Puff Sleeves Blouse Design

stylish puff sleeves blouse design

This yellow puff sleeves are your best option when you pair it with kalamkari blouse with embroidery work. A heavy jewelry can go a long way in making this saree the most eye-catchy outfit.

Yellow Glass Sleeve Blouse Design

yellow glass sleeve blouse design

Printed fabrics are growing a lot of popularity and as are the glass designs amongst the women in India and this yellow blouse sleeve design is one of the best options which is trendy and a perfect fit in your collection.

Simple Lehenga Blouse Designs

Ask a bride of this generation and she will look nothing else than a lehenga for her wedding compared to a decade ago when the sarees were the most preferred choice for all the weddings.

We are quite aware of that and have included some of the best simple blouse designs for not only brides, but also for regular casual occasions. Pair these up with your lehenga and you will be confident throughout.

Latest Collar Neck Stylish Blouse Design

latest collar neck stylish blouse design

This pure modern collar with unique cut out is the ideal choice for women of this generation with the combination of the red blouse and the printed fabric and the embroidery work being the most sophisticated of all.

Long Sleeve High Neck Blouse Design with Heavy Work

long sleeve high neck blouse design with heavy work

Long sleeves with lehenga are a go-to option for many young women who want to attend a party. There is a range of blouses to choose from but this round neck with printed fabric steals the show with its fancy vibe.

Mirror Work Blouse Design with High Neck

mirror work blouse design with high neck

The girls who are wanting to flaunt their best body can look nothing but this mirror work blouse design and red lehenga to make it the most chic attire to make the combination be matched in every fashion sense.

Modern Shoulder Sleeve Blouse Design

modern shoulder sleeve blouse design

Modern looks come naturally to this shoulder sleeve blouse design with beautiful patterns on the sleeves and attractive neck design making this feel like it is designed to impress in all the functions.

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Sleeveless Puff Blouse Design for Lehenga

sleeveless puff blouse design for lehenga

If someone is looking for a beautiful future designer blouse, this blouse is perfect for them with its sleeveless puff design and the lehenga with a floral cut design giving it the most sophisticated lehenga.

Sleeveless Blouse Design with Aari Work

sleeveless blouse design with aari work

This is one of those girl next door looks with its simplistic vibe and the blouse will steal hearts with handwork all over it and sleeveless design giving it a traditional look. You can easily match this with lehenga and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which is the best blouse design for work?

A blouse design with a sophisticated pattern and not very flashy or fancy like a simple designer blouse can be a wise option to give you that professional look for your overall workplace.

2. What should the back of a blouse look like?

Those who only concentrate on the front of the blouse are really missing out on the styles which can be used in the back of a simple blouse design. A back should look and match the overall aesthetic of the blouse and your personality.

3. What are the characteristics of a simple blouse?

A simple blouse does not consist of a heavy work or heavy embroidery to look good, it mostly relies on the front and back cuts and it really stands out with its designs especially on a casual outfit.


There is no woman in India who is interested to wear traditional outfit and cannot be interested in simple blouse design. This catalogue can be really helpful for everyone looking for the options to pair it with.

Simple blouse designs are never going out of style and we are constantly bringing in more options to add up to the same to make you look the best irrespective of the occasion,

Let us know in the comment section below about your favorite simple blouse design from this catalogue.

Other Simple Blouse Designs :

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