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Latest Kurti Neck Design Specially Designed For You (2021)

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Kurti is an essential part of every women’s wardrobe. The glamour and the elegant look of the Kurti are incomparable to any other dress.

For Indian women, Kurti is the ultimate escape to trendy fashion as well as comfort. These days Kurti neck designs a not limited to just a few simple ones. To give your Kurtis a more trendy look we have an exclusive collection of the latest Kurti neck design.

Make your own statement look with exquisite Kurti designs. Moreover, you can pair your Kurti with a palazzo or pants to give it a more stylish look.

Here we have specially compiled an entire range of classy latest kurti neck design for fashion freaks like you.

Best Latest kurti Neck Design

It is the neck design that defines the look of a Kurti. That is why it’s important that you select the best design for yourself.

Dive into the magical world of appealing Kurti designs.

Round Neck Kurti

Round Neck

Source: NykaaFashion

Round Neck Kurti

Source: Ninecolours

The round neck Kurti design is the most classy. It’s been here for ages and still, we can’t get enough of it. The reason behind its popularity is its simplicity that adds a touch of elegance to the entire dress.

It is ideal for a simple office look or casual wear. You can pair a round neck Kurti with a stole or dupatta and palazzo. In summers it’s best to go for round neck design. This is because it’s open around the neck to ensure you don’t sweat too much or feel suffocated.

Boat Neck Kurti

Boat Neck Kurti

Source: YouTube

Boat Neck Kurti Design

Source: Fittonn

The boat neck design for Kurti helps you to define your neckline in a more alluring way. The neckline of the Kurti extends up to the shoulders, giving an impression of a small boat.

Boat neck Kurtis make your shoulders look broad. The neck cut passes the collarbones equally on both sides of the Kurti.

This Kurti design is best for those who have a small bust size and slim shoulders. Also, the boat neck Kurti directs the focus to your jawline. That is why it is best for women who have a heart or diamond-shaped face.

Scoop neck design

Scoop Neck Design Kurti

Source: BP Guide India

Scoop neck design is the modification of a U-shaped or round neck design. This neck design has more curves and width than a simple round neck Kurti.

Scoop Kurti gives your face and body a very sleek and slim look. It suits the best for women who have small neck lengths and long faces.

You can go for an Anarkali suit with a scoop neck design. Also, Patiala suits and short Kurti go well with a scoop neck design. Women with short height and round faces find this Kurti their all-time favorite. It makes them look taller.

MANDARIN neck design Kurti

Mandarin Neck Design Kurti

Source: LLB

The mandarin design is inspired by the mandarin bureaucratic uniform. This flattering design is buttoned up to your neck covering the collarbones and shoulders.

Though it’s more of a collar design, it is an unfolded collar. Mandarin Kurti neck design gives you a more formal look. It is suitable for office wear.

Women with heavy busts can customize this neck design on their Kurtis to look more balanced. This neck design Kurtis gives you a taller look. You will find yourself slim in this type of Kurtis.

Mandarin neck design Kurtis adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your look.

Off-shoulder neck design Kurti

Off Shoulder Neck Design Kurti

Source: Popxo

Off Shoulder Neck Kurti Design

Source: Pinterest

The off-shoulder neck design is more of a 21st-century Kurti. It is inspired by the off-shoulder tops that are so popular among women nowadays.

So if you love off-shoulder tops then getting an off-shoulder Kurti will be the next best thing. Off-shoulder Kurti gives your Kurti a more western look.

It is best suited for long Kurtis or short bohemian Kurtis paired with pants or jeans. Off-shoulder neck design for kurti exposes your flattering neckline.

Women with slim shoulders and medium-sized busts will find this style more pleasing. It goes well with all face types.

cold shoulder kurti neck design

Cold Shoulder Kurti Neck Design

Source: myfamilypedia

The cold shoulder is in trend these days. The cold shoulder Kurti neck design is self-explanatory. A cold shoulder design is where a small part of your sleeves is cut to show your upper arm or shoulders.

The cold shoulder is popular in western as well as ethnic dresses. The cold shoulder neck goes well with long Kurtis. It is ideal for all body types due to its versatile features.

This design sprinkles boldness and style to your statement look. You can try the cold shoulder neck design for both casual and party wear.

Key Hole Latest Kurti Neck Design

Keyhole Latest Kurti Neck Design

Source: SouthIndiaFashion

The keyhole neck design is a simple gradation of the round neck design. It is around or scoops neck design with a keyhole at the center of the neckline.

This neck design is a hit among women of different age groups. You can turn your simple suits into a glamorous one with a keyhole front neck design for Kurti.

Women with angular and square jawline find this design perfect for their look.

Another type of keyhole design is the one that has a drop at the center of the neckline just below the collarbones. This design makes your neck look slim and beautiful.

Sweetheart Neck Kurti

Sweetheart Neck Kurti

Source: Wrytin

Sweetheart Neck Kurti Design

Source: Darji

Sweetheart neck design is a traditional classy design. It is the all-time favorite of women for heavy work Kurtis and suits. This design brings your shoulders and neckline into the primary focus.

The sweetheart neck design is one that has a heart-shaped front neck. This neck design makes your busts look more curvy, full, and alluring.

No matter which body type you have this neck design Kurti looks beautiful on everyone. We do recommend a sweetheart kurti neck design for square and rectangular face women.

Halter Neck Design

Halter Neck Design

Source: Amazon

If you are looking for a more stylish look for your Kurti then go for Halter design. This design is ideal for a long-neck design.

Halter neck is the latest kurti neck design where the neckline is supported by a single strap that goes around the neck. It is one of the most popular and latest kurti designs.

This design is great for parties but you should avoid these for formal wear like in-office meetings. Women with long faces and slender arms should go for this design.

Halter neck design gives a more prominent seducing and attractive look to your getup.

Collar Neck Design

Collar Kurti Neck Design

Source: Mirrawblog

Collar neck design is quite famous for its formal look. Women who are looking for office wear formal yet attractive design can go for this one.

The Collar neck Kurti design has a neckline similar to the shirt collar. The only difference is that it is not folded.

It looks good on pear-shaped body woman. Though this is best for formal events it suits college students as well. You can pair it with jeggings or jeans of your choice.

V-Neck Kurti Design

V Neck Kurti Design

Source: Dusbus

V Neck Designer Kurti

Source: Nykaa

We cannot miss the all-time popular V-neck Kurti design. The V-neck design is the one that has a V-shaped front neck design for Kurti.

Though this design has been going on for ages, it never gets old. It has evolved combining itself with ethnic dresses and suits.

This design serves both casual as well as formal wear purposes. The V-shape gives the appearance of a long torso with narrow shoulders.

As a result, it can work wonders for women who are chubby or have wide shoulders. It can relax the jawline of an oblong or square-shaped face, and it works with all face shapes.

Pentagon Neck Design

Pentagon Kurti Neck Design

Source: missprint

Similar to its name the pentagon neck design has a pentagon-shaped front neckline of the Kurti. If you have heavy busts then this design will help you to give it a flat or more balanced look.

You can go for this design on printed short Kurtis and pair it with jeans.

High Neck Kurti Design

High Neck Kurti Design

Source: Nykaafashion

High Neck Design For Kurti

Source: YouTube

You will not get anything more sophisticated and elegant than high neck Kurti designs.

A high neck is the one where the Kurti buttoned up to the top covering your neck length. Women with long neck length love this design.

This is best for formal wear for office events, meetings, and work.

Other Latest Kurti Neck Designs:


The neck design is the focus of the Kurti. Your Kurti neck design has the power to define the entire look of the dress. It also enhances your feminine beauty and charisma. A perfect Kurti will define your personality and make you look more charming and appealing.

The list we have compiled here is a collection of the most popular and trendy neck designs. Save your favorite neck design.

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