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100+ Latest Blouse Sleeves Design Images (Best Of 2021)

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Wondering how to give your saree a modern trendy look? You may not know but blouse hand designs make a great impact in deciding how your saree looks.

Give your saree a trendy look with our Blouse sleeves design images catalog. We have the latest blouse sleeve designs pattern photos trending in 2021. You can combine an attractive blouse for silk sarees, chiffon, georgette, cotton,kathpadar sarees.


Latest Blouse Sleeves Design Images:

Your blouse is the main highlight of your saree. Slay your look with frill blouse patterns, cape designs, embroidery, ruffle, and stonework blouses. here you will find the latest blouse sleeves design images.

People these days are experimenting with quite modern and western-inspired blouses. Off-shoulder and cold sleeves shoulder blouses have become common. To steal away everyone’s heart with your beauty try puff, frill, net, balloon, and paithani blouses.

Have a look at our collection of 100+ blouse sleeve design photos to get an idea of gorgeous blouse designs in fashion.

View Our Latest Collections of Latest Blouses From below:

Full Sleeve Blouse Design:

Full sleeve blouse designs as known as full hand blouse designs never go out of fashion. These are long sleeve blouse designs that suit silk and cotton sarees well. You can combine a full sleeve blouse with plain or broad border sarees.

Even sarees with a heavy golden border go well with full sleeve blouse patterns. Fashion experts recommend that full sleeve blouses look beautiful on women with slim shoulders and light busts.

You can pair your saree with long sleeve blouse in winter and still look fashionable as always. These blouses will serve you both the purpose of party wear and casual wear depending on the saree that you pair it with.

  • Body type – slim shoulders & light busts women
  • Ideal season – winters
  • Dress style – preferred to pair with silk and cotton sarees
  • Suitable occasion- party and casual wear

Mirror Work Hot Red Blouse

mirror work hot red blouse
Source: Pinterest

What is better than a rosy red hot amazing blouse?

This rosy red sequin blouse embellished with heavy mirror work is suitable for party and wedding ceremony occasions and is one of the best blouse sleeves design images of this article. The best thing is that you can pair it with lehnga and saree as well. All you need is a matching color contrasting saree or lehnga. you can wear it with various colours of sarees.

Plain Red Silk Full Sleeve Blouse

plain red silk full sleeve blouse
Source: Pinterest

This full sleeves blouse is specially designed for silk sarees. The definition of elegance starts with silk sarees. Simple full sleeve blouse paired with golden pattern silk saree remains shows’ toper always.

Redefine your style with a plain red blouse and silk saree. Sophistication starts with simplicity. A simple red long sleeve blouse with a heavy silk saree balances your entire look. It is suitable for ethnic wear, parties, and wedding occasions.

Bow-Tie Knot Back Blouse Design

bow tie knot back blouse design
Source: Pinterest

Just look at the back neck designs of this full sleeves blouse. An amazing sexy back blouse design steals away the heart every time. As you can see the main attraction of the blouse is its magnificent back bow tie design. The full sleeve olive green blouse embellished with a frill net saree creates a charming combination.

The blouse has a deep cut back and bows tie knot on the upper side.

For the front design, a round neck blouse will serve the best for these types of blouses.

Simple Black Long Sleeve Latest Blouse Design

simple black long sleeve latest blouse design
Source: Pinterest

Looking for something for a black and white theme?

Here it is. Full sleeve black blouse with high neck blouse paired embellished with net embroidery saree stands incomparable to others. If you have slim shoulders and light busts then a high neck black blouse is just perfect for you.

A simple black blouse with a black and white saree gives you a trendy retro look.

Blue Lacy Full Sleeve Blouse Design

blue lacy full sleeve blouse sleeves design
Source: Pinterest

Nothing can be better than a lacy full sleeve blouse design. This blue lace blouse has a touch of modernity as well as simplicity. Though it has a simple round neck blouse front blouse design the patterns on the sleeves are worth noting.

The sleeves have lace-cut sleeves patterns throughout. The deep round-neck design of the blouse makes it even more seducing.

Maroon Full Sleeve Half Collar Blouse

maroon full sleeve half collar blouse
Source: Pinterest

When the model walked down wearing a buttoned-up full sleeve blouse with simple cotton saree people went gaga over it. What caught people’s attention is how well a simple saree with full sleeve half collar blouse looks so charming?

The mix of buttoned-up blouse with half collar design does the wonder.

Make a fashion statement with simplicity with maroon full sleeve golden pattern half collar blouse designs.

Green Full Sleeve Embroidery Blouse Design

green full sleeve embroidery blouse design
Source: Pinterest

Dreaming to look savvy at your sister’s mehndi function?

Make your dream come true with this green embroidery full sleeve blouse pattern. The frill plates at the end of the sleeve are the center of the attraction of this attire.

The embroidery at the shoulder, neck, and sleeves makes it more appealing. The closed high neck design of the blouse is perfect for winters.

Shine your way everywhere you go with a green full sleeves blouse.

Black and Green Pattern Latest Blouse Design

black and green pattern latest blouse design
Source: Pinterest

The black and green combination contrast blouse is the simple yet beautiful one in our collection. The heart shape front blouse design fits perfectly with the golden pattern on the sleeves.

As you can see the design of the blouse is inspired by the pattern of the peacock feathers. The golden pattern on the sleeves gives a look of peacock feathers in full bloom.

White Designer Full Sleeves Frill Blouse

white designer full sleeves frill blouse
Source: Pinterest

Looking to dress up out of the box?

Go for white full sleeves frill pattern blouse embellished with a light shade checkered saree. This white designer blouse is inspired by indo western style of draping saree.

The frill at the neck and sleeves gives you a stylish look. The blouse also has light embroidery embellished with double frill on the sleeves on it. The embroidery on the blouse makes it look similar to Lucknow’s chikankari pattern.

Flower Pattern Full Sleeves Blouse

flower pattern full sleeves blouse sleeves design
Source: Pinterest

Golden thread embroidery and beautifully printed flowers embellished with bead work make this blouse one of the most popular among customers. The combination of embroidery and printed pattern makes this blouse unique in its own way.

The beauty of the blouse lies in the separate golden embroidery border attached to the front of the blouse. This beautiful border steals the whole look of the dress.

The round neck front design with a light jewelry-like embroidery makes it royal.

Purple Golden Embroidery Heavy Blouse

purple golden embroidery heavy blouse
Source: Pinterest

The wedding season is coming soon. If you are looking to update your collection and be prepared to look the best then this dress is just for you.

The purple heavy golden embroidery full sleeve blouse goes beautifully with plain light color sarees.

The round neck and the golden hem at the front and back of the blouse make it even more charming. As you can see how precisely and beautifully the flower pattern is woven into the blouse fabric. This is what makes it more attractive.

The fine embroidery work is the focus of this blouse.

Orange Half Collar Blouse Design

orange half collar blouse design
Source: Pinterest

Orange and golden are some of the best combinations when it comes to selecting blouses. Orange is a pretty color in itself. When it is combined with strips of golden it becomes more appealing.

The orange color with golden strips all over the blouse makes it an eye-catching blouse.

The half collar design of the blouse gives your saree look an entirely different look.

Frill Sleeves Blouse Designs

Looking for stylish and trendy blouse designs?

Do away with the traditional blouse designs and add some fun to your look. The traditional blouse patterns are the thing of the old school. Be creative and introduce more style to your sarees.

You can revolutionalize your entire saree look with a few alterations to your blouse. Frill sleeves blouse designs are one of such ways to make your blouses look fashionable.

Follow the latest hot frill blouse trend and slay everyone with your look.

The frill-style blouse is suitable for all body types. Slim figure, as well as heavily built women, can also wear the frill style blouse. Frill style blouse suits both for casual as well as party wear. Though it is preferred for party wear only as it gives you an extravagant look.

  • Dress code – pair with net or chiffon saree
  • Season – summers
  • Occasion – party wear
  • Body type – all body types

White Frill Blouse Design

white frill blouse design
Source: Pinterest

Want to look sexy?

This white frill blouse is the house of temptation. The sleeveless frill blouse can be paired with a saree, skirt, or lehnga.

The blouse has a square-cut neck design. For the back blouse design, you can go for a deep-cut round back or backless pattern.

Designer Half Sleeve Blouse

designer half sleeve blouse
Source: Pinterest

Looking for something fashionable?

Then go for this elegant yet beautiful half sleeve blouse with bead work . The combination of double frill and embroidery on the blouse makes it quite attractive. It Is best suited to cocktail and evening parties or office celebrations.

The heavy embroidery on the blouse balances the simplicity of the sarees. That is why simple sarees are preferred most suitable for heavy embroidery blouses.

Pink Sleeveless Frill Sleeves Blouse Design

pink sleeveless frill blouse design
Source: Pinterest

The heavy frills on the sleeves of the blouse are what contribute to its beauty. You can pair this pink frill blouse with heavy sarees as the blouse is quite plain.

Heavy embroidery sarees will go well with this blouse for parties. If you are looking to wear it for the office then a plain chiffon saree in blue or pink shade will look beautiful.

For the front and back blouse designs, you can have a v-neck or round neck designs. It depends on you how you want to customize your blouse according to your needs.

Green Half Sleeve Frilled Blouse

green half sleeve frill blouse
Source: Pinterest

The boat neck green half sleeve blouse steals away your heart every time.

Heavy Frill Stylish Blouse

heavy frill stylish blouse
Source: Pinterest

The three layers of frill on the sleeves of this blouse look excessively charming. Though it gives your hand a heavy look you can pair it with a trendy saree. This will give you a contemporary look.

The boat neck design of the blouse goes well with the heavy frill.

Golden Key Hole Back Design

golden key hole back design
Source: Pinterest

The beauty of the blouse is in its back design. The keyhole deep-cut back design of the blouse makes it sexy and more appealing. This frill sleeves blouse design is trending in the market.

Deep Cut Back Frill Blouse

deep cut back frill blouse
Source: Pinterest

Back designs is as important as the entire blouse pattern. The deep-cut-back design of the blouse adds to your stunning look.

No matter which type of frill blouse you choose, you can go for a deep round back blouse design to make it more pleasing.

Off Shoulder Frill Blouse

off shoulder frill blouse
Source: Pinterest

Update your style statement with an off-shoulder black frill blouse. The black heavy frills on the shoulders and sleeves give you a more jazzy look.

Flower Embroidery Frill Blouse

flower embroidery frill blouse
Source: Pinterest

Flower embroidery sequin butterfly blouse never goes out of fashion. The precisely woven tiny flowers with delicate golden threads make this blouse simple yet elegant.

Light frill blouse design

light frill blouse design
Source: Pinterest

It doesn’t have to be heavy frills to look stunning. Even light frills on the sleeves makes blouse splendidly charming.

Heavy Frill Designer Net Blosue

heavy frill designer net blosue
Source: Pinterest

The net heavy frill designer blouse is exclusively for those who wish for a trendy look.

Saree Blouse Sleeve Designs

Your saree is incomplete without a proper fashionable sleeves hot blouse. The saree blouse sleeve designs are special blouse that is only made for saree.

Have a look at our blouse sleeve design pic to explore hot trends. Our blouse sleeve design catalog includes varieties of blouse designs. go through the below latest blouse sleeves design images, pick up, and save your favorite design now!

  • Dress code – all saree type
  • Season – summer and winters
  • Occasion – party wear & casual wear
  • Body type – all body types

Sleeveless Red Blouse

sleeveless red blouse
Source: Pinterest

What can be better than an amazing sleeveless red blouse?

Sometimes going all plain and simple is also considered as mark of beauty and elegance.

Off Shoulder Blouse Design

off shoulder blouse design
Source: Pinterest

Off shoulder blouse with translucent net saree never goes out of fashion. Style your look with a sizzling hot orange off shoulder blouse with contrasting chiffon net saree.

Half Sleeve Saree Blouse Design

Half Sleeve Saree Blouse Design
Source: Pinterest

The printed pink and white contrast half sleeve blouse is as beautiful as other stylish blouses in our collection. The frills on the sleeves add more beauty to the blouse. You can pair this blouse with matching cotton saree for casual wear.

Collar Style Blosue Design

collar style blosue design
Source: Pinterest

Collared style conventional blouses never go old. It gives you a decent and sophisticated look.

Silver Sleeveless Blouse

silver sleeveless blouse
Source: Pinterest

Shifting away from conventional colors can never go wrong. The amazing silver blouse and saree are a hot trend these days. The deep round neck front design ,the backless pattern and the thin strap makes this blouse quite sexy to have a look.

Heavy Embroidery Blouse

heavy embroidery blouse
Source: Pinterest

Heavy embroidery sequin blouse with frill saree is the latest fashion these days. Women are going gaga over the frill styles sarees. Make sure you have one of them.

Brocade High Neck Blouse

brocade high neck blouse
Source: Pinterest

Brocade saree blouse sleeve embroidery designs is among one of the evergreen fashion of the era. Heavy embroidery brocade blouse with chiffon or georgette sarees look the best together.

Golden Blouse Designs

golden blouse designs
Source: Pinterest

Golden sequin blouses goes well with all the sarees. A deep u neck blouse design diverts the focus on your beautiful neck and collarbone.

Square Neck Blouse Designs

square neck blouse designs
Source: Pinterest

Square neck blouse design looks good on women with slim neck and shoulders. You can pair this dazzling square neck blouse with silky plain saree.

Strip Teal Blouse

strip teal blouse
Source: Pinterest

Simple single strip blouse suits best for those who have fat arms. You feel comfortable as your arms are not packed in sleeves.

Simple Blue Saree Blouse

simple blue saree blouse
Source: Pinterest

The sleeve work of this blue simple blouse is worth noting. You can customize the front and back designs of the blouse. But it a round neck with deep back cut will go well with this blouse. This saree blouse sleeve designs is one of the trending designs.

Short-Sleeve Blouse Design

short sleeve blosue design
Source: Pinterest

Short sleeve designs brings your neck and collarbone area into limelight.

Net Sleeves Blouse Designs

We are such spoilt brats when it comes to fashionable saree blouse options. There are so many choices that picking only one is difficult. A net sleeves blouse designs, however, is the one style that appears to be in high demand.

The thin fabric has the ability to make your saree look fully contemporary right away. Those who want to achieve the dressed-up saree look with minimal effort should drape a simple saree with a flattering net blouse.

And we’re confident that you can outsmart any fashionista. That’s the thing about net blouses. Furthermore, the delicate net fabric, which seems to have captivated the world of blouse lovers, can be modeled in a variety of ways. Below you will find the best Net material latest blouse sleeves design images.

  • Body type – all body types
  • Occasion – party wear
  • Season – summers
  • Dress code – Saree & skirt

Net Neck and Sleeves Blouse Design

Net Neck and Sleeves Blouse Design
Source: Pinterest
net neck and sleeves blouse 3
Source: Pinterest
net neck and sleeves blouse
Source: Pinterest
net neck and sleeves blouse 1
Source: Pinterest

Certain colors are a treasure chest to shop for when it comes to net blouses with bead work. One of them is royal blue. They look great with off-white and white sarees. If you want to wear this blouse with a silk saree, choose a zari job or zari net for the neck and sleeve adornment.

Have a look at other beautiful blouses with net neck and sleeves.

Flower Embroidery Net Blouse

flower embroidery net blosue
Source: Pinterest

The beautifully woven flower embroidery net blouse is one of the most beautiful blouses we have in our collection.

Net Flower Blouse

flower embroidery net blosue 1
Source: Pinterest

This season, amazing floral pleated blouses are another common style. You can, however, make your style stand out from the crowd by wearing a floral blouse with a net sleeve or collar. This would be more appealing than a plain floral blouse worn casually.

Net Blouse With Embroidery

net blouse with embroidery
Source: Pinterest
net blouse with embroidery 1
Source: Pinterest

This net sleeves blouse designs blouse with an amazing embroidery pattern has a unique neckline and will look great on most women. It’s ideal for women who want a lot of compliments and recognition when they’re dressed up.

Frill Net Blouse

frill net blouse
Source: Pinterest
frill net blouse 1
Source: Pinterest

Frill or pleated design on this amazing net blouse is the perfect killer combination. Pair it with designer saree to bring out its beauty.

Ruffle Sleeves and Bell Sleeves Blouse Designs

The ruffle sleeves and bell sleeves add a feminine touch. Saree blouses are appropriate for almost any age group and go well with both designer and handloom sarees. The ruffles or bell sleeves make a point, so don’t go overboard with your saree and let the blouse do all the talking.

The blouses with bell sleeves and ruffled sleeves give your saree a vintage and feminine feel. Anyone can pull off the retro look if they have the right grace and courage. If you don’t want to go all out for the retro look, opt for tiny pleats or ruffles instead.

If you really want to make a statement, go for all-over bell sleeves or layer with the ruffles. Pretty little borders and laces around the ruffled sleeves add to the dressiness of the outfit and draw attention to it. So go ahead and find your best blouse sleeves design images from the below photos.

  • Body type – all body types
  • Occasion – party wear
  • Season – summers
  • Dress code – Saree & skirt
grey ruffle sleeves blouse
Source: Pinterest
blue ruffle sleeves blouse
Source: Pinterest

Long Ruffle Sleeves Blouse

long ruffle sleeves blouse
Source: Pinterest
long ruffle sleeves blouse 1
Source: Pinterest
long ruffle sleeves blouse 2
Source: Pinterest
long ruffle sleeves blouse 3
Source: Pinterest

Many celebrities have donned ruffle saree blouses, which have made a stylish statement. If you like wearing long-sleeved blouses, ruffles are a great way to dress them up. Long ruffle blouses can instantly turn a plain saree into a chic ensemble!

Depending on the style, ruffle sleeves may be elbow-length or full-length. Ruffled blouses with long sleeves add to the look’s drama and sophistication. When you mix and match it with your saree, it looks lovely whether it’s flared or made of sheer or netted fabric. The sleeves of the blouse look like an umbrella. So it is also called an Umbrella sleeves blouse.

Layered Frill Blouse

layered frill blouse
Source: Pinterest
layered frill blouse 1
Source: Pinterest
layered frill blouse 2
Source: Pinterest
layered frill blouse 3
Source: Pinterest

This style is for you if your fashion statement is all about being a tad bit extra with a layered or pleated frill blouse. These ruffle blouses with voluminous layering will take your breath away! A voluminous ruffle sleeve blouse is a show-stopper that can elevate every saree to the next level.

Half Sleeve Blouse Sleeves Design

Half sleeve Blouse Sleeves Designs for Sarees is quite a fashion in recent years.

There are a plethora of blouse styles to choose from. To go with our sarees, we like to make elaborate blouse designs. Heavy blouses are worn even with simple sarees. When it comes to sleeves, many people choose elbow sleeves length or a full sleeve, or they want to go sleeveless. The popularity of short-sleeved shirts appears to be waning.

Short sleeve blouse designs look great with almost all types of sarees and strike the perfect balance. Here are some short sleeve blouse designs that you should have in your closet. Grab the best blouse sleeves design images from below.

  • Body type – slim neck and hand
  • Occasion – party wear
  • Season – summers
  • Dress code – Saree

Embroidery Half Sleeve Blouse

embroidery half sleeve blouse 2
Source: Pinterest
embroidery half sleeve blouse 3
Source: Pinterest
embroidery half sleeve blouse
Source: Pinterest

Are you one of those people who insist on having intricate work done with just elbow-length sleeves?

Well, you can emphasize both with an amazing half sleeve blouse sleeves design with strong maggam work and an interesting baaju band to look astonishing.

Floral Print Half Sleeve Blouse

floral print half sleeve blouse
Source: Pinterest

A breezy short-sleeved blouse with a floral print is ideal for a fancy look. It can be worn with anything from casual to formal dress and adds a nice touch to the overall look.

Brocade Stylish Half Sleeve Blouse

brocade stylish half sleeve blouse
Source: Pinterest

Half sleeve blouse designs in brocade fabric looks stunning and fancy if paired with a heavy saree.

Puff Style Half sleeve blouse

puff style half sleeve blouse 1
Source: Pinterest
puff style half sleeve blouse
Source: Pinterest
puff style half sleeve blouse 4
Source: Pinterest
puff style half sleeve blouse 3
Source: Pinterest

Puff pattern with half sleeves blouses go hand in hand. Nothing can look as beautiful as puff sleeves blouses with stunning sarees.

Boat Neck Half Sleeve Blouse Designs

boat neck half sleeve blosue designs
Source: Pinterest

You can go for a boat neck design for a half sleeve blouse. it makes your collarbone look sizzling hot.

Latest Blouse Sleeves Design For Lehenga

Looking for the ideal blouse pattern to use as a starting point for your lehenga? Then there are so many lovely choices available that it can be difficult to choose!

What’s a wedding without the bridesmaids twirling around in beautiful Lehengas? Lehengas are a staple for any lady, from brides to visitors, as they are classy, comfortable, and stylish! If you’re wearing a simple skirt or one with a lot of embellishment, make sure the blouse matches.

Crop tops, halter necks, off-shoulders, and high necks are among the many styles of Lehenga blouses available today. Going off the beaten path is a must if you want to steal the show! This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best Lehenga blouse designs to assist you in making the best decision.

V-Neck Stone Work 3 Quarter Sleeves Blouse

vneck stone work 2 quarter slkeeves blouse
Source: Pinterest

The blouse has a deep v-neck front design. The long sleeves are covered with heavy beautiful mirror work. The main attraction of the blouse is its precise embroidered mirror on the sleeves. The velvet touch of this blouse has made it more beautiful.

White Embroidered Net and Stone Work Blouse

white embroidered net and stone work blouse
Source: Pinterest

Not only these blouses will give you a gorgeous look but also enhance your fashion statement.

White Frill Sleeves Blouse with Collar

white frill sleeves blouse with collar
Source: Pinterest

This blouse is specially designed to give a look of Indo-Western dress. The frills of the blouses are the main attraction. This latest blouse sleeves design image is especially for lehenga and other frock cutting ghagras.

Yellow Bell Sleeves Net Blouse

yellow bell sleeves net blouse
Source: Pinterest

Yellow bell sleeves net blouse is one of the best pleated blouses to wear with lehenga. The bell sleeves are designed by net material. The stonework at the neck portion is very attractive.

Zari Work V Shaped Neck Blouse

zari work v sheped neck blouse
Source: Pinterest

This look can be done for your lehenga or skirt blouses, for all the fashionistas and style divas out there. They’re equally beautiful and add a contemporary silhouette and touch to your ensemble.

High Nech Embroidered Black Blouse

high nech embroidered black blouse
Source: Pinterest

Next time you think of wearing a black blouse goes far a high neck full sleeves blouse as this will definitely increase your beauty.

Full Embroidered Full Sleeves Lahenga Blouse

full embroidered fullsleeves lahenga blouse
Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a unique design then this is the blouse for you. This blouse sleeves design pic for lehenga is one of the most trending designs nowadays.

Full Sleeves Embroidered Blouse

full sleeves embroidered blouse
Source: Pinterest

You can wear this blouse for wedding functions or parties with designer skirts or lehenga.

Off Shoulder Frill Sleeves Blouse

off shoulder frill sleebes blouse
Source: Pinterest

One of the latest blouse sleeves design photo for lahenga. Do not forget to complete the look with contemporary jewelry. This blouse sleeves design is specially made for fat arms women as it is pleated and no one will understand how fat your arm is.

Peach Colour Back Open Lahenga Blouse

pesch colour back open lahenga blouse
Source: Pinterest

Give yourself a royal look and stand out from the crowd. The rush is not always to wear the most trendy and latest fashion.

Ruffle Sleeves Net Shoulder Blouse

ruffle sleeves net shoulder blouse
Source: Pinterest

Cold Shoulder Ruffle Sleeves Lehenga Blouse, one of the best stylish blouses for lehenga.

Short Sleeves Blouse With Collar

short sleeves blouse with collar
Source: Pinterest

Sometimes a simple collared pattern can also do wonders. Don’t forget to put on ethnic earrings and a necklace to complete the look.

Sleeveless Noodle Stripe Floral Print Blouse

sleeveless noodle stripe floral print blouse
Source: Pinterest

Floral printed blouses are always in trend. It always goes with any kind of occasion.

Puff Sleeves Blouse Designs

The oldest fashion trend has resurfaced, with some changes to the traditional silhouettes to fit Indian women’s tastes. The statement puff sleeve blouse pattern is available in a variety of styles, from creamy puffs to molded puff sleeves, all of which are extremely elegant and beautiful.

Many women think they’re out of date, while others are reluctant to embrace the dramatic. Although puffed sleeves can be difficult to pull off, there is nothing more charming and feminine if done correctly. Puff sleeves blouse designs for silk sarees are a hit. Even boat neck with puff sleeves blouse is also pretty popular.

We’ve found some of this year’s most common puff sleeve blouse designs. Browse this list to find the ideal puff sleeve blouse images.

  • Body type – all body types
  • Occasion – party wear
  • Season – summers
  • Dress code – Saree & skirt

Silk Red Puff Sleeves Blouse Design

silk red puff sleeves blouse design
Source: Pinterest

Pair this red golden blouse with a pink or red shade silk saree for a polished look, one of the latest blouse sleeves design.

Yellow Blouse With Stone Work

yellow blouse with stone work
Source: Pinterest

Go for this sizzling blouse to enhance your look.

Banarasi Puff Sleeves Blouse

banarsi puff sleeves blouse
Source: Pinterest

The entire look of your saree depends on how well you match up your blouse. This Puff Sleeves Blouse design is perfect for banarasi saree to provide an ethnic Bengali look.

Green Glass Sleeves Blouse

green glass sleeves blouse
Source: Pinterest

Green Puff Sleeve Blouse designs are especially used in south Indian occasions. A traditional South Indian look you can see in the saree blouse design.

Pearl and Stone Work Blouse

pearl and stone work blouse
Source: Pinterest

This blouse goes well with a variety of sarees. You need to choose the perfect color to match it. This is basically a patch work blouse.

Raw Silk Green Blouse

raw silk green blouse
Source: Pinterest

One thing that should be noted is that when you are wearing a blouse with the sexy back pattern you must tie your hair in a knot or Juda. Only then the back design will become the center of focus of your look.

Balloon Sleeve Blouse

Balloon sleeves, also known as bishop sleeves, are highly fashionable this season. They not only add oomph to any blouse design, but they also look very feminine and pretty, particularly when made of sheer or net fabrics. This summer, get some inspiration from this series of versatile balloon sleeve blouse designs.

  • Body type – all body types
  • Occasion – party wear
  • Season – summers
  • Dress code – Saree & skirt

Light Blue Net Baloon Sleeve Blouse

Light Blue Net Baloon Sleeve Blouse
Source: Pinterest

It all depends on the saree you choose to wear it with. White, cream, or off-white color pattern or embroidery saree will go beautifully with a plain long sleeves blouse.

Red Net Material Balloon Sleeve Blouse

red net material baloon sleeves blouse
Source: Pinterest

The color of the balloon sleeve blouse holds an advantage over other blouses. You can pair this blouse with any dark shade saree.

White Balloon Sleeves Blouse

white baloon sleeves blouse
Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for the latest blouse designs then this one is the best option out there. This blouse sleeve design looks like a balloon so it is called balloon sleeves. One of the best blouse mega sleeves design for heavy arms women.

Yellow Blouse With Net Frill

yellow blouse with net frill
Source: Pinterest

Stand out from others and break the conventional saree styling with long sleeves frill blouse.

Sleeveless Saree Blouse

Every woman wishes to appear drool-worthy at whatever event or function she attends. And with the right outfit and accessories, you can do this effortlessly. Adding sleeveless blouses to your closet is one of the easiest ways to easily achieve a drop-dead gorgeous look.

In recent years, sleeveless blouses have become increasingly popular. Almost every Bhartiya Nari wears these blouses because they are some of the most comfortable Indian women’s clothing options.

You can also check out sleeveless saree blouse designs front and back, sleeveless blouse designs for cotton saree, sleeveless blouse designs for silk sarees, and sleeveless blouse designs for plain sarees.

Whether you agree or disagree, sleeveless blouses are sexy, beautiful, and add an Omph element to your look when worn with matching sarees. There are a plethora of sleeveless saree blouses online.

If you want to ace your look and turn heads everywhere you go, take a look at these incredibly cool sleeveless blouse images that will give you a diva look.

  • Body type – all body types
  • Occasion – party wear
  • Season – summers
  • Dress code – Saree & skirt

Blue Ajrak Flower Motive Sleeveless Blouse

blue ajrak flower motive sleeveless blouse 3

You can team this blouse for parties with a simple black saree and walk away gorgeously.

Blue Ajrak Sleeveless Blouse

blue ajrak sleeveless blouse

You can pair up the blouse with casual sarees for work and everyday use as well as for an attractive festive look at parties.

Blue Black Combination Ikkat Blouse

blue black combination ikkat blouse 1

The fine patterns on the blouse make it perfect for plain cotton of georgette sarees.

Blue White Ajrak Sleeveless Crop Top Blouse

blue white ajrak sleeveless crop top blouse 3

This is a sleeveless crop-top blouse made of pure ajrakh material. The material is pure cotton material, It is very comfortable to wear. This is a perfect sleeveless saree blouse design to wear on any occasion.

Brown Ajrak Fower Motive Sleeveless Blouse

brown akrak flower motive sleeveless blouse 2

You can also mix and match the saree and blouse. These days the concept of contrasting saree blouse colors is quite popular.

Grey White Zic Zac Sleeveless Ikkat Blouse

grey white zic zac sleeveless ikkat blouse sleeves design

The best thing is that you can wear this designer blouse with both Black shades as well as dark shade sarees.

Red Sleeveless Noodle Stripe Blouse

red sleeveless noodle stripe blouse

You can make a simple saree or lehnga eye-catching and drool-worthy by pairing it with a hot red sleeveless blouse.

Reddish Brown Ajrak Sleeveless Croptop

reddish brown ajrak sleeveless croptop 1 112

You can pair it with a contrasting color contemporary skirt to have a whole new festive look. The frill-style at the waist part of this blouse is a must-add to your wardrobe. A light stylish jewelry will look good with the dress code.

Yellow Ikkat Sleeveless Blouse With Frill

yellow ikkat sleeveless blouse with frill 21

You can team it with a matching saree or any plain light border saree. One of the best without sleeves blouses.

Glass Sleeve Blouse Designs

Blouses with mirror work have been around for a long time. The beauty of mirror work is that it draws attention to the pattern while still making the gown appear elegant and royal. There are various forms of mirror work that can be found in glass sleeve blouse designs.

Mirror work is often performed with zari, magnum, aari, and thread work. When it comes to saree blouse designs with mirror work, actual mirrors or mirrors may be used.

True mirrors have an exclusive feel to them, while fake mirrors can become tarnished or crashed over time. Both of them have a certain allure. Mirrors in various sizes and forms are used for various shapes. As a result, we’ve assembled a list of the most recent mirror work blouse designs in India.

  • Body type – all body types
  • Occasion – party wear
  • Season – summers
  • Dress code – Saree & skirt

Black Ajrak With White Flower Blouse

black ajrak with white flower blouse 2

The Blouse Is good for office use. The dress type suits mostly casual wear including office meetings and events dress code.

Black Grey Combination Ajrak with Red Khadi crop top Blouse

black grey combination ajrak with red khadi croptop blouse (1)

This can be your multipurpose designer blouse to go with several sarees. Team it with beautiful earrings and a light flower pattern saree to bring out the beauty of the blouse.

Black Ikkat Blouse With Red Lace

black ikkat blouse with red lace

The Glass Sleeve Blouse Design has a unique way to grab the attraction. Never miss getting a few matching plains and checkered cotton sarees.

Black Khadi Blouse with Multi Colour Check Sleeves

black khadi blouse with multi colour check sleeves 2 (2)

The W-neck design holds a different beauty. The Blouse Is made of Pure Khadi.

Blue Ajrak Floral Motive Croptop

blue ajrak floral motive croptop 2

Ajrakh readymade Crop-top blouse. You can wear it with saree as well as with blouse also.

Orange Ikkat With Red Work Blouse

orange ikkat with red work blouse

If you are looking for something simple yet stylish then this will be the perfect choice for you. These Glass Sleeve Blouse Designs are the most trending designs.

Red Ajrak Flower Motive Blouse with White Frill and Latkan

red ajrak flower motive blose with white frill and latkan 1

The frill on the sleeves gives the blouse a stylish and western festive look. combine it with stylish hot earrings and you are ready for the evening.

Red Black Combination Ajrak With Orange Frill Blouse

red black combination ajrak with orange frill blouse

You can wear this blouse for summers as well as winters. Blow away the party with your sizzling saree look with this blouse pattern.

Red Blue Ikkat Blouse

red blue ikkat blouse 2

It does not matter which saree you pair it with this blouse suits all printed, embroidery, and plain sarees.

White Red Ikkat Blouse With Lace

white red ikkat blouse with lace 1

The charm of the entire look is dedicated to the graceful design of the blouse

Short Sleeve Blouse Designs

Apart from being extremely short (only a few inches from the shoulder), this sort of sleeve has no fabric under the arm, giving it a cap-like appearance. Cap sleeves were first used in undergarments in the United States during World War I.

The cap sleeve did not become common in women’s clothing until the 1990s. In the last decade, cap sleeves started to appear in bridal Lehengas and saree blouse designs in India.

To make a drool-worthy appearance, skinny divas must choose this short sleeve style. The cap is an add-on that is worn over the shoulder. Lace and net are very popular among fashionistas these days. For example, short sleeve aari work blouse designs are in hot trend nowadays.

If paired with a translucent saree, both can attract attention. With this sort of short sleeve, you’ll be able to show off your toned muscles.

We also have a collection of bridal short sleeves blouse designs as well as short sleeve blouse designs for silk sarees.

Let us have a look at short sleeve blouse for a saree.

  • Body type – skinny body
  • Occasion – party wear
  • Season – summers
  • Dress code – Saree

Embroidered Bridal Blouse

embroidered bridal blouse
Source: Pinterest

The blouse sleeve design is not something that you will find common. That is why it makes your look unique and charming.

Simple Short Sleeves Blouse Design

Simple Short Sleeves Blouse Design
Source: Pinterest

This readymade blouse on display here is specially designed for party wear.

Simple Blue Blouse

simple blue short sleeve blouse design
Source: Pinterest

It is best suited for wedding and party wear. Make sure you have one of these collections when you are headed to attend a wedding.

Green Blouse With Embroidery Work

green blouse with embroidery work
Source: Pinterest

You can pair It with a light or heavy embroidery silk saree.

Green Blouse for Silk Saree

green blouse for silk saree
Source: Pinterest

you can pair this readymade blouse with ith a light saree and heavy jewellery for a party look and plain sarees for casual wear.

Full Embroidery and Stone Work Blouse

fiull embroidery and stone work short sleeves blouse
Source: Pinterest

Add this multipurpose blouse to your wardrobe to ensure you look gorgeous every time you wear it. This is one of the best blouse sleeves design among all the images here.

Embroidery Work Blue Blouse

embroidery work blue blouse
Source: Pinterest

You can wear heavy jewellery like earrings, necklace, and mang tika to enhance your look.

Overview of the latest Blouse Sleeves Design Images :

We hope that the latest blouse sleeves design pic in this article helped you to decide which blouse pattern suits your sarees.

Selecting only the blouse design is not sufficient alone. There are a lot of things that go into making a blouse. The front and back designs of the blouse matter too.

An enticing back pattern of the blouse enhances your look ten times more than a regular blouse. For the front blouse pattern, you can have a look at various blouse neck designs.

Comment below and tell us which design you like most.

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